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Deck Repair Contractors Durham, NC

Empty Wooden walkout deck overlooking backyard garden. Northwest, USA

During the warmer months, decks make a perfect gathering space for friends and family. A custom deck is more times than not, the center focal point of an outdoor living space. This is why we understand the importance of having your deck in the best possible condition at all times. Our deck repair Durham NC team can take care of your repair needs while keeping your safety and time in mind. We will complete all project to the highest of quality, and in a timely manner.

Deck Restoration

Wood decks are susceptible to the harsh effects of the weather. When left unprotected, the outdoor elements can severely affect the integrity of your deck. Our Durham deck repair team can help restore and extend the life of your deck, along with keeping the appearance beautiful. We offer top of the line deck repair service protocols to ensure that once your project is completed it will last awhile. Our prep, cleaning, and restoring process combined with the proper maintenance, we are sure you’ll be enjoying you deck for years to come.

Wood Rot Repair

If you have an older deck, or you deck was never properly stained or sealed, then there is a chance you may have a wood rot problem. Discoloration in the wood, soft wood, and splitting wood are all signs of deck wood rot. All of these can happen when your deck has been exposed to water for prolonged periods of time without having been treated to prevent water damage. Our expert Durham deck builders can come replace the boards that are experiencing wood rot, and let you know if your deck is still a safe place to gather.

Board Gaps & Loose Deck Board Repair

Although wood is a solid material and is one of the safest options to build your deck, it can change in shape and size after being exposed to outdoor elements for so long. Board gaps, warped boards, or just loose boards can all compromise the integrity of your deck, and need to be taken care of by professional deck repair contractors. Our experts are able to come in, target the issue, and replace boards so that your deck meets all your safety requirements. After we examine your deck, we can even let you know if it’s time to do a full deck replacement to keep you and your family safe.

Here at Deck Builder Durham NC we set ourselves apart from the competition by being a full-service decking company. We are able to help you design, install, repair, stain, and so much more to ensure your deck design dreams come true. Call us today to receive your free quote.

Durham, NC