Patio And Hardscapes

This is a picture of a patio and hardscape.

If you have a property that you love and you feel like it could do with a new look or a new lease for life, then look no further than Durham Deck Builders to get it sorted for you. Patios and hardscapes - that is what this section of our range of services is about and there has never been a better time than now to invest in one of these structures.

They look great, they have an effortless style and the developments in design and technology means that patios and hardscapes are now more easy than ever to achieve a great effect with. Keep on reading if you are interested.

The truth is that patios and hardscapes have been around for long enough to have experienced upwards and downward shifts in style. In the 1970s, many people began using them as leisure time and the scope for outdoor spaces seemed to become more important. But, within a few years, they had lost their edge and became standardized in a way that didn’t promote freshness or innovation - so, they became boring. However, we can do great things with concrete and other hard materials that are sure to impress you.

Because of this increased ease, many people think of patios and hardscapes as a DIY task. It is ambitious, but maybe it is not too complicated, is what many people think to themselves.

We are here to tell you that you may be right. However, it will take a lot longer and it will be way harder than you imagine. If, however, you decide to contact the professionals, you will be surprised about the speed and efficiency that we can do our work with. It will be a great addition to your home and we’re confident it will end up being great value for money, as well.

What We Can Do For You

Each job that we do starts in the same way - with a conversation. We will hear what you have to say and we will form a plan based on your ideas. We can show you many examples of other work that we have done and then we can come to an agreement on which type of patio you would like. After that, to an agreed timescale and to a budget that suits you, we can get to work.

Bespoke and Custom

Your patio or hardscape will always be exactly that: yours. We will build it but we will always do it according to your specifications. In fact, no two patios are the same because they all have to adhere to questions of terrain and style. You can choose the pattern, you can choose the colour, the height and the style.

Of course, we are very happy to offer our own thoughts as well but the bottom line is this: we are building something that you will be happy with for years and years to come. Get in touch today to kick-start a really great business relationship.

Durham, NC