Outdoor Kitchens

This is a picture of an outdoor kitchen.

Who says that kitchens have to be indoor anyway? Indeed, more and more of us are choosing to create a kitchen installation outside in order to capitalize on great weather, to enjoy it with friends and to be closer to nature whilst you cook and eat. To us, this is a great development.

We have always been fans of the great outdoors and we love the idea that more and more people are ready to take a room or an appliance that has traditionally been an indoor affair, and bring it right into the sticks and the trees as nature intended. Does this sound a little bit forced? Well, keep on reading and we’re sure that you will agree with us by the end of the service page.

Just A Glorified BBQ?

Everyone loves a BBQ. Especially in North Carolina, where we have great weather for enough for the year to cultivate a really great BBQ culture. When friends of ours say that they are going for a BBQ and ask if we would like to come, our bodies feel a rush of excitement and anticipation. They really are the best things ever. But, the problem with BBQs is that they sometimes feel a little lightweight. You have to prepare the food inside and bring it out when it is ready, you have to leave items on the edges of tables and chairs and you lose track of things. The solution? Convert your BBQ into an outdoor kitchen. That way, you have everything you need within a stretch of your arm.

You have surface space for chopping and preparation, you have drinks at the ready and you have a space where real socializing can happen for everyone, not just three guys stood around the meat as it smokes, talking about baseball and the drive down. It just feels more sophisticated, more established and that is why we really love it!

The Process

Normally, we find that our clients are a little bit clueless as to exactly what is on offer with this kind of service. Therefore, the first step is a conversation about what a client’s expectations are verses the reality of what we can offer.

Usually, there is no discrepancy here and we are able to provide pretty much exactly what a customer wants! We can take a look at past examples and study the space you have in mind in the yard and just have a general planning chat before any work kicks off!

The Work

We always get the work done to deadline and to the customer’s specs. If we can’t, there will have to be a very good reason for that, trust us! Mostly, it will be quick and efficient work that doesn’t disturb your way of life on a day to day basis. But that doesn’t mean it is simple work.

Oh no! We can talk about electricity, heating and of course, water supply, too! Whatever you want, we are confident that we can provide it here at Durham Deck Builders.

Durham, NC