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Deck Staining Services

The rear end of a modern luxury home including the the backyard pool and patio area.

Decks are one of the main areas of a home where people gather. They provide relaxing environments for morning coffee and a light read, while also providing an entertainment environment when family and friends gather. Don’t risk your deck not lasting simply because you leave it untreated or unmaintained for too long. We offer experts deck staining services for Durham, NC & the surrounding areas, to help maintain your deck and ensure the longevity of it.

All decking material can suffer wear and tear from the outdoor elements, which is why we highly suggest taking precautions and staining your deck shortly after installation & being sure to maintain the stain every couple of years. So why should you stain your deck, here are 4 of the largest advantages of deck staining:

  1. Improved Curb Appeal. Staining a deck will highlight the natural beauty of wood, it’s grain! This will provide your outdoor living space with natural beauty, while adding a splash of color. Stain comes in a wide variety of different tints. This allows you to create a custom look that matches the appearance of the deck’s surroundings.
  2. Easier Process. When choosing to stain or paint your deck, staining is a much easier process. Although both take prep work, staining doesn’t require a primer. This allows our deck staining service team to complete you project in about half the time. Stain is also more resistant to UV rays & heavy foot traffic meaning it should last longer.
  3. Added Protection. When coating your deck with stain, you are adding a protective layer to your investment & increasing it’s lifespan. Wanting to protect from wood rot, mold, mildew growth, and insect infestations? Call our deck staining Durham NC team today to get started.
  4. Moisture Control. Moisture can be a death sentence when it comes to a wooden deck. If your deck is not properly stained and coated, then moisture can seep in wreaking havoc. During our chilly winters, water that absorbs into the deck can freeze. The freeze thaw cycle can cause cracks and other costly damages to your deck.

Although deck staining requires less maintenance than untreated and painted decks, it does require some. Depending on the exposure of your deck will determine how often it should be re-stained. Not sure if it’s time for you? Call us, the best deck staining company in Durham NC, today and we would love to answer any questions you may have. Our deck contractors are knowledgeable & highly trained, so they can always help you with any issues you may have. When completing your project, we only use high quality materials & finish the project with your satisfaction in mind.

Staining your deck will help reduce the need for deck repairs and frequent maintenance. To learn more about our process, contact our deck staining contractors in Durham NC today!

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