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  • Custom residential projects can be the best idea with the right professional contractor company.
  • We are licensed, local, highly rated, and affordable.
  • We are a team of trusted deigners who can install custom composite, trex, and wood all at a great price.
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Picture the scene: you are outside and the sun is setting, you have just finished having a great dinner with friends and the wine is flowing. You are moving onto dessert and you are thinking how nice it is to be able to spend quality time with friends in your own yard. Everybody has had great fun and it is definitely something that you will be doing again in the near future. There are many reasons for the success of nights like this. We are sure you are a great cook, we are sure that you have great friends but there is also another thing that we are very sure of... quality occasions need quality settings.

Now, picture the scene above again but this time imagine that you are all sitting on flimsy deck chairs. Or that the table is slightly lopsided and its legs are sinking into the grass and the mud on one side. Think about the plastic table that might have a crack in it on one of the corners. Suddenly, as if by magic, the scene doesn’t feel so successful any more, does it?

Therefore, when you get Durham Deck Builders to do some work in this aspect of your yard you aren’t just paying for some raw materials and a few boards of wood.

You are paying for the assurance that moments like the one described above, with friends and family around you while  creating great memories, will always be optimized by quality structures and by the environment that we can engineer for you. This is the way that we like to think about the work that we do. We aren’t just selling you a product, we are offering you the chance to buy a great lifestyle feature at a fair price! Like what you hear? Keep on reading!

The Process

This is what we can offer. If you feel like decking would be a great addition to your home, then get in touch and reach out to us. We will then listen to the ideas that you have in mind and we will take stock before coming back to you with a proposal of work.

Whatever color you have in mind, whatever style and whatever size, we will draw up a plan that seeks to satisfy your needs as well at capitalizing on the yard you have and the budget you are operating on.

Then, once we have agreed on a time scale and a price, we will come to your house or building with all of our tools and we will get to work on your very own custom decking structure.

If you want an example of the work we have done before then simply call us and we will be happy to provide you with sample material. But, all in all, our customers are always satisfied. Why? Because we provide a service that is professional, bespoke and cheaper than you might think, too! Pretty good, eh?

Durham, NC