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Let us create an outdoor paradise.

  • Getting a trex, or wood composite replacement does not have to be a hassle.
  • We are a local highly rated contractor specializing in the best customer service.
  • Our reviews speak to our trusted professionalism.
  • Insured, Affordable, and Custom.
  • We can build out right or perfrom a replacement for a cost-efficient price.

Durham Deck Builders

When it comes to decking, there are few better than us. If you live in the Durham area and searching for the best deck builders Raleigh NC has to offer then look no further. We have been in the game for long enough to know that the way to build a successful company is to provide great service on a consistent level over a number of years. In fact, we think that great deck companies develop naturally rather than by being forced through.

Customers come back because they get a great service with excellent craftsmanship at a good value. At Durham Deck Builders that is what we strive towards. We will leave you with great decking and a smile at the end of the day. You will want to tell all of your friends and family about us once we are finished with our work.


Our team is full of people who are passionate about what they do. We make sure that this is the case by cultivating a work environment that promotes excellence, attention to detail and a can-do attitude at all times.

The best way we maintain this focus is we implement on going education and regular training. We always use state of the art tools and up to do methods to ensure a great completed product every single time. Keep on reading to find out exactly what we do and to find out how we can do it for you, too.

Durham, NC

Learn More About Our Services

The services that we provide are designed to cover all of your decking needs. We are proud of this set of services because we feel that they are broad and pointed enough to offer everything that you might need when it comes to decking, porches and patio/ hardscapes.

But, in the rare event that you need a service that you think that we can provide but it doesn’t fit in our list of standard services, we are very happy to discuss the possibility of bespoke jobs that are perfect just for you. Get in touch today to find out more, to get a free quote and to become one step closer to stylish decking in and around your home!

Durham Deck Builders - Sun Rooms 2
Durham Deck Builders - Outdoor Kitchens 2
Durham Deck Builders - Patio and Hardscapes 2

This is one of the cornerstones of our business. Custom decks are exactly that - they are customized. But, who are they for? They are for you, the customer. We build them to your specs and your vision. We throw our experience and skill into the mix and what do you know, it creates a great result every time.

These are not just places for plants to grow. Nope, they can also be dining rooms, living rooms, office spaces, studios are just places for fun and games. We like to build sunrooms because they encourage living amongst nature and all of that good stuff.

Get in touch today to find out how one would look in your yard!

Durham Deck Builders - Custom Decks 1
Durham Deck Builders- Sun Rooms-1-landscape
Durham Deck Builders - Patio and Hardscapes 1

Versatile and stylish, these additions to your yard will never fail to come in handy. Especially during the right weather, there is nothing better than unwinding on a patio after a long day or having some friends round for cocktails and merriment.

Not just BBQs, you’ll be happy to know! Although we love a BBQ here at Durham Deck Builders, our outdoor kitchen series offers much more than that. More stability, more sophistication and an all-round better space to eat great food and to entertain the people that you love.

Durham Deck Builders - Outdoor Kitchens 1
Durham Deck Builders - Porches 1
Durham Deck Builders - Screened In Porches-1-landscape

An American classic. The porch is a beautiful and stylish addition to any home. It is also an important feature because the porch is normally the first part of a home that people see. If you want to make that killer impression, get in touch today to see how we can help you to achieve that.

These babies are great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have all of the benefits of standard porches but with none of the drawbacks. They are fantastic at drawing in light, at connecting you to the greenery outside your doorstep, but you can still have an element of control over the conditions and security as well.

“If you are looking for a custom deck builder in Durham, NC, then I have some good news for you. Last year we needed custom deck and a patio in the backyard and a friend told us about Durham Deck Builders. They are the best contractors near me and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.” - Wayne R.

“We needed a sunroom contractor in Durham NC so I started asking around. A friend of mine told me that Durham Deck Builders might be able to help. Normally they do outdoor kitchens, I was told but a sunroom service is something else that they offer. They also do custom decks and screened porches. All of the services look great!” - Rooney, W.

“Pergolas are all the rage right now. We have one in our yard courtesy of the best pergola builders near me: Durham Deck Builders. Now, they are helping us with patio installation and i’m pretty sure they are the best contractors for that work in Durham NC. Look no further. 10/10 would recommend.” - Stevie G.

Contact Us Today

There is nothing more annoying than getting in touch with a company, having your requests ready, your specs written down, only to find out that the company can’t be bothered to speak to you, but have installed an automated message service for you to struggle with. You will never get that with us at Durham Deck Builders. When you get in touch with us, you will always be speaking to a real life professional on the other end of the phone line.

We treat it as a common courtesy and we are always very happy to speak to new customers and to have a chat with customers that we have helped in the past who have new projects for us in the pipeline.